My workplace is awesome!

It’s been a long journey over the past few months and one of the big steps I took was making my workplace aware I was transgender, after months of deliberating I did it, the result was nothing short of awesome..

I’ll start out by apologising for rehashing stuff in here from previous posts but I wanted one big unified post about my workplace changes, etc rather than bits and bobs everywhere!

It started with an email one night, I was laying in my bed contemplating what to do and just wanting things to happen so I could be myself. It was extremely terrifying to tell someone that you spend most of your time around and whom pays your bills that you are going to be changing yourself. This was going to be the worst experience of my life..

What I couldn’t imagine was what came next.. acceptance, complete acceptance of the problem I was facing and a direction that gave me the control of how far and fast I wanted things to go. Conversations were held and things were explained by me best I could, through emailing too. I never expected things to just go as smoothly as they have gone. Now we have a Gender Equality document what outlines how gender related things should be handled, that was because of me.. it feels good man.

It was just over 2 weeks later after my initial email to my manager and HR that it was announced at a staff meeting that I would be changing my gender and transitioning to being a full time female. I didn’t attend the meeting because I was too busy sitting up in my office being scared out of my wits.. I didn’t really hear anything from that meeting, a few people came and saw me and spoke to me but it wasn’t something people were open to discussing.. almost like a silent fear to ask me a question.

It was about another 2 weeks after that an email was sent around to inform everyone that my name will be changing from Nathan to Samantha, it would also mean I get to use the female amenities (yay clean toilets!) and just be myself full time at work. I made sure it was noted that people could come and ask me questions and approach me with anything, it was my way of saying it was okay to ask me things, I wasn’t going to snap or bite. Still haven’t really had anyone ask me things but I take it as a good thing now.

It’s been a difficult process in my head but it’s better, I can just be happy in myself and not worry about who I am everyday now.. I’m just myself.. pride, joyful, confident and bubbly.. that is who I am and always really was beneath all the layering of stupid thoughts and misconceptions of people.

I come to work, people call me Sam and I’m happy, truly and completely just.. happy.




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